rdfabout.net: Resource Description Framework

I created this website in 2005 hoping to collect useful introductory information about RDF and the Semantic Web, since I didn't find an existing hub or set of expository materials that I thought were particularly good. So there are a few learning resources here that I wrote. I intended to expand on this, and get help from others, but I didn't.

  • The Quick Intro is a fast-paced six-page introduction to the RDF standard and why it's a useful method for modeling and sharing distributed information.
  • What is RDF and what is it good for? is an in-depth guide to the specifics of the core RDF standard. It's 30 pages, and I'm quite proud of it. :-)
  • There are some other links to the left which I don't update much.

These days I use the site as a platform for my own datasets, which I publish in bulk and as Linked Data. There is also a (single) SPARQL endpoint that serves all of the datasets, but each set is described separately:

  • U.S. Census dataset: One billion triples of population statistics and basic geospacial data from the 2000 U.S. Census. This page describes setting up the dataset as Linked Data, creating a SPARQL endpoint, Semantic sitemaps, and .htaccess code for redirecting RDF URIs to a SPARQL DESCRIBE query. (August 14, 2007)
  • U.S. SEC Corporate Ownership dataset: Almost two million triples derived from U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filings on corporate ownership. (September 2008)
  • U.S. Congress dataset: Triples about the U.S. Congress, from Members of Congress (back to the 1790s), voting records (to about 1990), and legislation. 25 million triples. (Ongoing)
  • U.S. Federal Election Commission (campaign finance) dataset: Triples about recent contributions to the campaigns in federal elections, 18 million triples. (infrequently updated and no documentation yet, but you can find the URIs linked from the politician URIs in the U.S. Congress dataset)

Lastly, I have an online validator that checks and converts between RDF/XML and Notation 3 (N3)/Turtle/N-Triples, based on my SemWeb .NET Library.

- Joshua Tauberer

(Resource Description Framework (RDF), a W3C standard, is the foundation of several technologies for modeling distributed knowledge and is meant to be used as the basis of the Semantic Web.)

This site is run by Joshua Tauberer.